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A Force for Good

You would be surprised at just how some people might react in times of need, strife, or trouble. Yes, there are some that cannot fight the overwhelming urge to panic or to lose their heads a bit. However, what can be seen as a prevailing reaction, especially in times of modern tragedy, is an overwhelming urge to give back and to make the situation a bit better. It is incredible to behold the depth and the breadth of human kindness in times of great suffering. The aid response for the crises during the Southeast Asian tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti are archetype example of just how kind and generous people can be. Of course, it should not take an extensive tragedy to incite such emotional responses, but the sad fact of the matter is that it often takes a crisis to bring out the absolute best in everyone.

The recent earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan have wreaked untold havoc. The property damage and loss of life has been projected to be astronomical. However dark the entire situation seems to be, it seems we can count on acts of human kindness to shed some light. An extremely unlikely force for good throughout this terrible tragedy has risen, the video game industry. PopCap, the developers of popular iPod and iPhone app games such as Humans vs. Zombies have pledged that all proceeds from the sale of their games until midnight on March 20th will be sent to help the relief effort in Japan. As well, Electronic Arts games has pledged to match all employee donations to the relief effort. For more information, please visit Business Insider.