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A Whole New Dimension

When we think of advanced technologies, the images that come to mind are rather fantastic. We picture flying cars and buildings of amazing scale, such as those in the beginning of the movie Blade Runner (which is, in a temporal sense, about eight years from now). We picture the best and brightest from science fiction stories. We picture a world of ease and comfort and beauty unsurpassed. We picture that every little thing, from tying our shoes to washing our clothes to communicating with one another is done with the ease of breathing. We want the best and we want it now, and no substitute or excuse for less will be accepted. Such as the culture that technology has promoted. However, we must also think about what the technology does to our culture in the sense of our entertainment and leisure, for that is a very large barometer of where we are.

For instance, a very big trend in gaming is the “hands-free” experience. Peripherals such as the Xbox 360’s Kinect or the Playstation 3’s Move system have promoted a future free from the grasp of remotes, where your body itself controls the action. A big trend that is not seen in gaming so much right now, but is huge in the film industry, is realistic 3-D technology. While there have been movements toward a home 3-D experience, the expense as well as the need for special glasses has prevented any serious foothold. Until now. The recently-released Nintendo 3DS provides an on-the-go 3-D experience, where the DS’s upper screen is now a 3-D screen that does not require glasses to experience. The 3DS retails for about $250 in North America.



Nintendo Aiming To Surpass DS Sales With 3DS

Gamasutra is predicting that the sales of Nintendo’s DS sales will be superseded by sales of the 3DS.

Though the DS is already one of the best-selling consoles of all time with more than 140 million units sold worldwide, Nintendo says it hopes to exceed those numbers with its recently launched 3DS.

The company’s president and CEO Satoru Iwata revealed that Nintendo has so far moved over 140 million units of the DS’s previous models around the world since the console’s debut in late 2004, and that more than 300 million people have played with the handheld.

Still, the Kyoto-headquartered firm’s boss said, “We’d like to increase this even further with the 3DS”, according to an interview with Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun translated by Andriasang.

The 3DS debuted in Japan last weekend and sold an impressive 371,326 units in just two days — Famitsu previously recorded four-day sales of 441,485 units for the original DS and 67,653 for DS Lite, and two-day sales of 170,779 for DSi and 103,524 for DSi XL/LL.

Level-5’s latest release from its popular puzzle franchise, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (published by Nintendo in the West), is the top-selling Japanese launch game for the Nintendo 3DS, selling 117,589 copies during its first two days of availability.