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What’s All This Talk About The Cloud?

Science and industry constantly remind us that technology is very much at the forefront of innovation today. We are constantly reminded and inundated with all manner of hardware and software that are ultimately designed to make certain parts of our lives easier. From the flush toilet to quantum
computing, there is a piece of advanced technology for every niche and every walk of life to benefit from. As computing power reaches absurd levels of speed capability and become infinitesimally small, innovation will continue on a scale and pace never before seen by any facet of human civilization.
To know and to speculate on the wonders that humanity will see in the coming weeks and years is astounding, and will of course change millions of lives. Perhaps even yours will one day benefit greatly from a now-young piece of hardware or software.

One of these up and coming technologies (if you could indeed refer to it as ‘up-and-coming,’) is cloud computing. Yes, you might have heard this term thrown around from time to time in reference to a new corporate initiative, or perhaps through Google’s current advances. However, what exactly is
cloud computing? Well, think of it as the ultimate in an on-demand experience: take everything that you experience when you use a computer, the programs and data and settings and media, and instead of physically storing them on a local drive, you store them on third-party servers. If and when you need them, they can be accessed at nearly any location with an Internet connection. How is that for innovation?

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