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iPad Episode II: Revenge of the Slick?

Although Apple hasn’t officially confirmed or denied it, the ipad 2 is set to hit the shelves in a few weeks, and though the hype is much less than for its predecessor, the reviews & upgrades are no less important.

To wit:

  • A more powerful processor. Experts are predicting that the new processor will be modeled around the ARM Cortex A9 unit — which will double the effort of the popular 1Ghz edition.
  • A top-of-the-line front-facing camera. The gTalk has been a successful staple in the Android tablets, and Apple will be keen to use the iPad 2 as a launching pad for their new video calling capabilities.
  • A rear-facing camera. A rear-facing camera will make Apple on par with some of their rivals, bringing HDR photo skills to the iPad. The potential for the iPad to include Hipstamatic and Camera+ functions is very tempting.

In addition to these notable upgrades, sources are saying that the Apple iPad 2 will include bigger speakers and a 3 axis gyroscope for superior gaming capabilities. A more powerful processor will also be provided, while USB connectivity is also said to be included after Apple conceded to an onslaught of complaints from consumers that transferring data to the slate needed an extra adapter.

While Apple have done their best to keep the iPad 2’s features a secret, many reliable internet sources have come forward boasting of having glimpses what the new tablet has to offer.


Refresher Course: CSS

The world moves fast. Incredibly fast, in fact. So fast that what is in an instant new and different will the next second be out-of-date and antiquated. The days tick by faster and faster and time never seems to let up. New technologies and movies and music and trends captivate popular culture one moment and are relics in the next. People, friends, and jobs come and go with a furious abandon, leaving little time for true collective thought. However, that is something we are here to help you with. Everyone needs a little help every now and again, a little reminder or refresher, of certain important items or just of the general nature of life. Here, we are taking a little more of a specific route in talking about the Internet, a tool that has revolutionized an industry and fundamentally changed major aspects of the
human experience.

We all know the role HTML plays in creating and structuring the Internet. It is indeed the true foundation, the framework around which all manner of content and opinion can be built and displayed to the world. Of course, with merely a smattering of simple hypertext markup language, the Web
would be a boring void. That is where Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, comes into play. Sure, the framework is necessary, and without HTML there would truly be no Internet. However, CSS gives everything a little pizzazz. If we are talking about a room, CSS would be the furniture, the lighting, the
color scheme, the appliances that give the room its character. Fonts, colors, layouts and other stylistic touches are where CSS truly shines.

If you would like to learn more about CSS check this link out!