Come Together

Is it better to be cooperative or competitive? This is a question that has plagued people for generations. As you can see, it has very often come down to how the parties can both benefit in the best way possible for them. If you were to ask, some people might say that competitive nature wins out every time while others might insist that cooperation is key to survival in not only business, but as well in most aspects of life. It is probably prudent to mention that we are beings that have transcended the need for such a black-and-white argument. Yes, it is important to be competitive by nature, as that is a very tried and true method of getting ahead in this world. However, you can absolutely not do it on your own. Somewhere along the line, you will need to rely upon someone for even the most rudimentary type of help. Now, saying this, there is another question that should be brought up: is it proper to be competitive to the point that you alienate anyone that can help you?

Cooperation and competition are basic tenets of business. They have been around since the first cavemen traded for supplies or food that they absolutely needed. Nothing so dire and ultimately necessary occurs these days, but it is clear that you need a healthy mix of competitive nature and cooperation between parties in order to get something substantial accomplished in this world. This extends even to the video game world. UGO and IGN are two of the largest, if not the largest, video gaming sites on the web, bringing news, reviews, and opinion on the latest games to the masses. For a while, they were intense competitors. However, it seems like those days are over: they have announced that a partnership has been formed between the two. Please visit Time for all the details.


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