Work of Art(?)

How do we quantify or qualify something as a work of art? This is a question that gets asked quite a bit these days, and for good reason. Is it a work of art because of how it makes us feel in response? Does a good work of art, whatever the medium, allow for a succinct yet varied emotional response? Will a great work of art move some to tears and others to laughter? Sure, for that is what art can be thought of as: a medium by which emotions, thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints can be conveyed. There are any number of ways that one can do this, through graphic art or filmmaking or writing or through music as well as many others too numerous to list here. The point is, what we refer to as ‘art’ does not have a solid or set definition. Art is malleable. Art is ever-changing, yet retains the same basic tenets. What is considered art to some might not be considered the same to others. It is all in how you look at it.

On of the more heated debates raging in today’s entertainment world is whether or not video games could be considered works of art. There are those on both sides of the argument with valid, thought-out opinions, yes. However, it would seem that those in favor of considering this media an artform are gaining ground. With the release of Portal 2, gamers are seeing one of the most highly-anticipated titles of the decade become on of the most well-received games in history. However, it too has been dragged into the ‘video games as art’ debate by fans and detractors alike. For more information and a solid opinion piece, please visit Ames 24/7


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