There has been, as long as they have been in existence, a crusade of sorts against video games. A very specific aspect of this crusade is focused on a very specific type of video game: those that promote and feature a great deal of violence. Now, it goes without saying that these video games are quite popular with the game-purchasing public. It seems that almost every game manufactured, distributed, sold, and played features some variation of the “space marine” focus, where players take control of grizzled strongmen out to eradicate a certain specific type of enemy, usually a grotesque and tyrannical species of extraterrestrial. Now, the popularity of such games goes without saying. Franchises such as Halo, Gears of War, and of course the terrestrial war games in the Call of Duty series, have set records upon release and have come through to great critical acclaim. This trend does not appear to be reversing or changing anytime soon.

However, there has been some debate as to the true impact of these games. Yes, these games feature a great deal of violence and gore, highly stylized and unrepentant. However, is there really a cause for concern here? Do these games and games like these have an impact on players, especially the younger demographics? There are very strong opinions on both sides of this issue, as is expected. However, opinions and feelings are not sufficient: you must back up your points with facts. A recent Supreme Court case regarding video game impact on young players has demonstrated the use of evidence as a powerful argumentative tool in this debate. For more information, please visit Psych Central.


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