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There are certain industries that live or die by the critical and commercial reaction to their products. Now, you might be thinking that this is true of all industries, whether or not they pander directly to the customer or not. You would be right, that is the case. However, we are talking about specific industries that deliver goods or services directly to the customer, and whose operating habits are dictated by the consuming habits of the general public. The entertainment industry is a prime example of such. Their successes or failures are directly impacted by the shopping habits, popular opinion, and good faith of the consumer base and the general public. Should anything shift, as a result of a news item or a major cultural event, the entertainment industry would need to adjust accordingly in order to stay afloat. However, it seems that some factors regarding entertainment are rather surprising.

Video games, much like music and commercial films, are rated based upon content. Certain age groups are barred from purchasing certain titles without the consent of a parent or guardian. That is the nature of the beast, and has been for roughly 30 years. However, a recent undercover operation by the Federal Trade Commission has yielded some surprising results. When undercover teens attempt to purchase movies and music with Parental Advisory Labels, it was found that only 13% of the teens were able to purchase PAL games, as opposed to 64% buying advisory-labeled music and 34% buying DVDs of a higher rating. For more information, please visit The Hill.


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