Something New

The world of technology is a world of constant change. Nothing stands still for very long, and indeed it is a dangerous thing to be in stasis for any appreciable period of time. Things can change quite often and sometimes without a warning of any sort. In this industry, that is to be expected. The way technology changes, as well as the frequency with which it changes, dictates the way we as consumers and users of this technology react to it. As well, it very much dictates what we buy, as well as our overall shopping habits when it comes to technology. What is in style and top-of-the-line one day can very easily become obsolete within the span of a few weeks. That is just the way things seem to work out these days. The best we can do is hold on and hope that we do not miss the cool new toys coming our way.

Video games, as part of this crazy world of technology, are as well subject to its rules and conventions just as any other gizmo or gadget. Nintendo released the Wii video game console in late 2006 to a great deal of fanfare. The wireless controllers and motion-capture technology were a first for home consoles, and there was a fantastic critical and commercial response. Now, it seems that Nintendo sees this a perfect time to change the game up a little bit. There are rumors floating about that say that this June’s E3 convention will see an announcement from Nintendo of a successor to the very popular console. Further rumors state that this new console will feature controllers with built-in high-definitions screens. For more information, please visit USA Today.


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