True Benefits

As a medium of expression and entertainment, video games are still very much in an infancy stage. Where film has been around just around a century, and music and literature of course an invention of a completely ancient time, video games are only a few decades old. As such, it is only recently that we as a society have been able to embrace video games as more than a recreational activity. We can now, with no real inaccuracy, see video games as the creative outlets they truly are. They are developed by creative minds and crafted in such a way as to promote an interactive and immersive experience. Detractors have said that these games are nothing but mindless fun, silly little things that kids play sometimes. There have even been those who insist that video games with violent subject matter inspire people to promote violence and act in a violent manner. It seems that there might still be a ways to go until video games are seen as fully-legitimate art forms.

This might help a bit. Several tests and research studies have been released stating that video games can and do have a positive effect on cognitive processes and other factors of a mental nature. For instance, it was found that players of action-based video games are 60 percent better at noticing minute and small changes in their environments than their non-gamer counterparts. Gamers are also found to be 25 percent better at making decisions in a changing environment, such as while driving. It is certainly an encouraging sign for the gaming community that these things are indeed true. For more information, please visit the KY Post.


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