Catching On

There is a certain pattern apparent in the world of media. This applies not only to the different types of media that we encounter in our lives (such as video games, movies, books, what-have-you), but also to the things we experience through this media. When it first shows up, whatever this object might be, it is not all that well understood. It is an alien, strange thing. Eventually, a familiarity of sorts sets in. You get a little bit more comfortable with the presence of the object. It is no longer something yet to be understood. Over time, this familiarity strengthens, which is when we are subject to the very best that the object has to offer. At a certain point, it becomes a ubiquitous part of the social and pop culture landscape. There is a certain legitimacy there, when it is fully recognized by a large portion of the community. In fact, this is occurring right now.

There has been a debate in the past few years as to whether or not you can refer to and consider video games to be works of art. Many believe not, that these are simply recreational tools and nothing more. On the other side of that coin, you have those that argue that video games are indeed completely creative and artist endeavors worthy of full merit. Each side has its points, as with most arguments in a modern context. However, the proponents of video games as works of art may have a little more clout these days. It was recently announced that the Grammy Awards have expanded the nomination criteria for four categories. Now, the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will recognize excellence in video game scoring and video game soundtracks.


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