Moving Forward

We live in a world where nothing, absolutely nothing, stands still. This is not merely accounting for the fact that we have around-the-clock businesses and services. This is a certain aspect, sure, but there is a little bit more to it than just that. Change is around us at all times, around us and throughout us all. We change not only as people as time goes on, but witness changes to our environment every single day. Popular fads come and go in the blink of an eye. A tragedy one day evolves into a triumph the next. Sports championships are won and lost and contested and won all over again. Even down to the cellular and atomic levels, there is no such thing as a static moment. It can be argued that the only constant in this life is indeed that it will change at some point. Some changes are radical, some are subtle. Some are necessary while some happen without need or warning. That is just the way things work sometimes.

In the technology field, change is not only a constant but also a great necessity. With the way the world progresses and changes, our technology must keep up. Everything needs to evolve somehow or else it ceases to be relevant, and this is doubly true for the tech world. Take video games, for instance. Every five years or so, we see a shift in the paradigm: new consoles, new titles, and new technology for us to play with. Now, it seems that this shift is starting anew. GameStop, the biggest video game retailer in the world, has announced plans to manufacture a tablet PC in an effort to bring gaming to the tablet world. For more information, please visit IT World.


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