Fooling Around

Ah, that time of year is once again upon us. No, I am not talking about the holiday season, where good cheer and fellowship never seem to be in short supply. I am not talking about Thanksgiving, where respect for your fellow man and the celebration of family go hand-in-hand. I am not talking about All Hallow’s Eve, where mock-ups of ghouls and zombies and goblins roam the night looking for treats or tricks alike. No, we are not talking about the beginning or the end of a school year, or the birth and death of the year. No, this time of year is simple yet profound. Today is the day that the foolish, the pranksters, the merry revelers among us come out of the woodwork to wreak some (hopefully) good-natured havoc among the rest of us. No, your calender nor your eyes are playing their own tricks on you. Today is April Fool’s Day.

As such, you might have a few friends that are apt to be jokesters. You might have one or two or possibly more pranks played upon you as the day progresses, depending upon how many people see fit to target you. However, before the Internet it was rare that you were part of a mass prank, one that reached a great deal of people. These days, however, every April Fool’s is a chance for the Internet to let loose and just generally have cheeky fun. Video game sites such as IGN always seem to have a rather large prank going on, as well as non-gaming sites like YouTube and Google. Have fun today, but be wary of anything that seems too good to be true.


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