There is a trend that can be seen in modern gaming and modern cinema. That is, each one is trying incredibly hard to be like the other. We have seen a marked increase in the focus on story in gaming. Not only that, we have been witness to the increase in cinematic quality of the gameplay. Not merely a change in the way cutscenes or cinematics are utilized in gameplay, no. We have been seeing that there is no real delineation between gameplay and the cutscene, which is done in such a way as to make it seem like you are playing a movie. As such, we have seen an increase in large event pictures, big and loud blockbuster films that seem more akin to video games than to any movies. As long as video games have existed, they have been trying to meld and become one with the cinematic experience. Until now, we have not really seen a game that could truly hold the ‘cinematic’ title.

LA Noire is the latest title from Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar Games. A nod to the 50’s gangster era, the game features hard-boiled detectives doing battle with organized crime in a film noir-like setting. We have profiled the game here before, an achievement in photo-realistic motion capture with regard to facial expressions. The hype has certainly seemed to have caught on in a big way. Robert de Niro’s annual TriBeCa Film Festival, held in New York City, has recently announced a move to profile LA Noire during the festival’s run. There will be a question-and-answer session with the game’s developers as well as a live gameplay session. For more information, please visit Time Magazine.


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