Money Talks

In the modern world, a true measurement of the popularity and ubiquity of a product is its revenue. True, other factors such as advertising, word-of-mouth, and of course the performance or said product are key in how it performs on the market. Even still, the biggest indicator of the impact of a certain product or service has been, and will remain for some time, the amount of money it earns. There is a saying out there that states that the biggest way for a citizen or consumer to be heard is not to vote with a ballot but to vote with your wallet. There is a great deal of truth in that statement. For one, what you buy determines exactly what you as a consumer are willing to spend money on. Companies see this and rush out for ways to duplicate or improve upon this success. Every dollar spent is influential, make no mistake.

A recent study by marketing intelligence firms VGChartz and FADE has been released, detailing the revenue earned by the video gaming industry in the year 2010. Reportedly, worldwide earnings have topped $33 billion. This is not really telling us too much that we did not already know as a game-buying public: people like video games and are willing to shell out some cash for the newest ones. What is more interesting is the fact that 7.6% of that market share comes from the sale of digitally-distributed content, which typically costs a great deal less than hard-copy games. That 7.6% equates to rougly $2.5 billion dollars in sales. Nothing to scoff at, surely.


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