Rewind: Kinect

A great deal of new technologies can be overwhelming at first glance. Yes, we live in a wonderful world that has seen humans connect to one another in ways never before imagined. Distance is no longer a matter that hinders contact and collaboration. Our interactive experiences, by way of both entertainment and industry, are getting more sophisticated by the minute. It seems that there is nothing that is out of our grasp, what with a little hard work, dedication, and imagination. One of the more exciting examples of a recent technological leap, is the Xbox 360’s Kinect controller. The first hands-free gaming experience, the system is limited only by your own ingenuity. The center of a great deal of hype, the Kinect is said to be the leader of a new revolution in gaming.

What is the Kinect? It is a new system for controlling video games inspired by the Nintendo Wii’s wireless controller. The Kinect itself is a webcam-style peripheral for the 360 that captures gamers’ physical movements, interprets them, and displays this information via a physical avatar. It is, essentially, a completely hands-free, controller-free gaming experience. The Kinect responds to not only physical movements but also voice commands and features voice recognition software. A select number of titles are currently available that are exclusive to the Kinect system, but this list will undoubtedly grow as the system gains prominence. There is even talk of the Kinect technology having PC support by the time Windows 8 is released to the market.


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