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For those curious souls among us, there is no such thing as enough knowledge. These people are constantly seeking out every little bit of information they can get their hands on. Usually, the quest is in reference to a specific interest or hobby or field of study. These individuals are likely to research and read and absorb all of the information they can get their hands on regarding their given topic of interest. Certain musicians may, for instance, endeavor to learn all they can about their particular instrument. Writers may seek out advice and tips as to how to more effectively tell a story or craft a character of some sort. These people have an insatiable need to know, to find information and apply it to their everyday experience. While the information found at this site may well come in handy for these people, it is also for those casually interested in technology that we write.

We discuss a great deal on this site about gaming. However, since we are also a blog about coding and programming languages, it is apt to sort of connect the two at certain points. We might be familiar with the languages used in web development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, what languages are used to develop video games? Primarily, assembly languages in conjunction with C++ or C lay the basic framework. Artwork and artificial intelligence are developed with languages such as Python and Lua. In-browser Internet games utlized Java and Adobe Flash to a great extent. As well, graphic design programs such as GIMP and Photoshop are commonly used in the game development phase.


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