Xbox 360 Wireless Headphones!

ZDNet reports that Mad Catz has nailed the exclusive rights to the upcoming Xbox 360 wireless headphones.

Those powerful headsets will be equipped with Dolby 5.1 technology. Mad Catz will also be working on other headsets for the Xbox 360 that are tied down by wires within the Tritton series, but no exclusivity there.

For those who have never heard of Mad Catz, they are a leading 3rd party interactive entertainment accessory provider. They have now gone into agreement with Microsoft to make new wireless headphones for Xbox that will have the both their brands on the headphones. This will be the first time that there are wireless licensed headphones available for Xbox 360. Mad Catz had also previously done a wireless headset for the PS3, as well as a bluetooth wireless headset.

Commenting on the agreement, Darren Richardson, Mad Catz’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are delighted to be working so closely with Microsoft to design and brand a range of high performance headphones. The headphone category is the fastest growing category in the video game space – and this agreement assists Mad Catz’s Tritton brand in furthering its leadership to provide high-quality, innovative headphones that allow gamers and audio enthusiasts alike to enjoy a superior gaming and listening experience.”

The fruits of this agreement will be seen during the holiday season later this year.


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