The Future of Advertising

As our web browsing evolves, so do the ways that advertisers create ads.  In the beginning, advertisement was solely word of mouth.  Then the print aspect was introduced.  Now that the internet is a presence that has made itself a staple in the lives of so many people throughout the planet, advertisers are working on the next frontier.

During the early years of the internet, pop-up ads were a nuisance or welcome feature, depending on your view of things.  However, they may not have had the ability to specifically target consumers.  Now, with the advent of social networking and Facebook, advertisers have been hard at work regarding how advertising can evolve with the times.  So, it would not be hard to believe that in the future, advertisers may send ads directly to users who are simply chatting via an instant messaging program.

In fact, Google has made a prediction that ads may be done in real time in the future.  In other words, advertisers are counting on the dominance of the internet over television ads.  There have been several studies done that point to the possibility of television being less watched than the internet.  If the researchers’ findings are correct though, then people who spend time on the internet will spend more time clicking away the advertising that they may think interrupts them.  However, for every person that rejects an ad, there may be another who accepts it, so the possibilities for profit is real.  The only question that remains then, would be:  How much money can be gained from advertising?


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