H.264 Loses A Battle

In the battle for supreme winner of the computer universe, there are some bound to be some losers.  Unfortunately for H.264, they have been thrown to the proverbial lions, so they are the losers in this war.  So if you are a user of the Chrome browser, which is a Google creation, you will no longer be able to get support for the video codec H.264.  In a nutshell, the reason for the H.264 video codec feature getting the boot, so to speak, has open source to blame.  It wasn’t because the H.264 was clunky, or was causing computers to crash.  In fact, Youtube worked quite well with the H.264 video codec that HTML5 enabled.

So, if the H.264 worked so well with Youtube, what would motivate Google to discontinue the feature?  One reason H.264 may have been sacrificed may be because it worked too well.  Not to mention the fact that one day, the license to run the H.264 codex will run out, making it not technically “free”.  So, in order to avoid problems that could arise in the future, due to Chrome possibly not complying to the license it carried, Google decided to cut the feature loose.  In the future, a crafty HTML5 programmer may very well create something that is comparable to the greatness that H.264 was, but for now, those who loved using it in Chrome have very good reason to not feel so super.  However, HTML5 is still a program in its growing stages, so this could be interpreted as a growing pain.  Either way, let’s toast to the future of HTML5.


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