Make Room For Another App Retailer

Mobile phone app producers are getting wise to the app game.  That’s why they are investing heavily into the powers of HTML5, and the investing has come to fruition.  If you have a smartphone, whether an iPhone, Android OS, or BlackBerry, if your mobile device can understand HTML5, then you can browse the apps in the Zeewe App store.

The Zeewe store is based outside of the United States, in Latin America specifically.  The sheer fact that smartphone owners the world over are downloading apps from the new player in the app game shows the universality of apps.  Throughout the world, there are mobile device owners who are searching for something to download.  Whether they are looking for something that will make their life easier, such as a utility that helps the user translate languages, or something to entertain, there is something for everyone.  And if you are a developer, you could submit your app to them also.  Which means that throughout the world, there is a need for superior HTML5 programmers who can contribute to the mobile industry.  That doesn’t mean that HTML5 programmers who aren’t well-versed in mobile devices are inferior though.  It just means that the growth potential for mobile device consumers may be higher.  All of which is very encouraging news indeed.  The more apps that are created using HTML5 means that the program is growing in popularity.  If HTML5 continues to increase in popularity, it quite possible will be a standard program that mobile apps will be accessible through.  So brush up on your HTML5 skills by browsing the tutorials at


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