AJAX Avenue

If you are new to the world of AJAX, then there is a place that you can visit that is ready to welcome you.  If you visit the page created by Mozilla, you will be able to learn everything you would need to know about AJAX.  There are numerous articles written by all the experts who know AJAX backwards and forwards, such as Jesse James Garrett, Alex Bosworth and Mike Stenhouse.  With guidance from such knowledgeable programmers, you already have a great team behind you.

You will be able to view and use the library and various toolkits, which should give you a good framework of AJAX.  If you like being able to communicate with others, there are links to mailing lists, newsgroups, Google groups and community links.  That way you have access to others as you are learning about the language.  If you want to learn the ins and outs of AJAX, but would like to create a chat which you wish to utilize with others, you can download the code which would enable you to create an AJAX chat program.  In addition, if you simply want to look at examples that others have already created, to energize your own creativity, there is a link to many AJAX pages that exist.  So you could take a look at what the program is capable of doing, while constructing scenarios that you would like to incorporate.  And after you have created your own AJAX page, you can submit your finished work so that others like yourself, can know what an awesome program it is.  Happy coding. Another great place to learn about AJAX is here.


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