HTML5? Is That You

If you have been wondering what program is running on your browser, there is a way to find out.  Just go to the Modernizr library and you will be able to see some of the features that aren’t readily interpreted as HTML5.  And if you have questions about features that you didn’t think HTML5 actually was capable of, the library is quite extensive, so you will be able to find the answer to whatever question you have.

For example, there is a page dedicated to HTML5 features that aren’t widely known, they call that page “The Undetectables“.  So if you just aren’t sure if the feature in question is actually caused by HTML5 programming, you will know soon enough.  Another great thing about the library is that you will be able to figure out cause and effect quite effectively.  Since the library points out just about all of the capabilities that HTML5 can do, you can work backwards if you choose.  You can test your programming skills by recreating some of the commands that you think that you have a problem with, then verify it against the library.  If there is a known problem, then you can solve it that easily.  Basically it’s a tool that you should have whether you believe you are a seasoned programmer or a beginning one.  Speaking of tools, don’t forget to visit to view well written tutorials.  Whether you want to simply review, or teach yourself something new, there is bound to be something of value for you there.


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