AT & T Jumping on the HTML5 Bandwagon

With mobile applications, businesses are seeing opportunities that weren’t there before.  So it should come as no surprise when businesses put more money into developing more ideas to generate opportunities, such as games and other applications.  Apparently AT&T has been following the trends, and sees the possibilibities that HTML5 might bring.  Since AT&T does seem to know quite a bit about business, they are investing into HTML5 by opening facilities where developers can learn more and test their creations, akin to what MicroSoft has already done.

AT&T plans on building three facilities for developers of mobile games and applications, both in the United States and Israel.  It is plain to see, though, that AT&T sees that by investing in mobile applications, they may bring their bottom line into realms that they have never seen before.  While there is no guarantee that all of the research they are planning on doing with mobile applications will be a success, HTML5 is showing itself as a hot commodity.  It can be used by just about all the different operating systems for the various smartphones, and also has usefulness in the desktop world as well.  That shows how versatile that HTML5 is, and since versatility is a quality that may point to staying power, it may even be a good predictor of how HTML5 may be used in the future.  Which also shows that HTML5 has a future.  All of the news about future developments basically point to one thing, that HTML5 will be part of the future, and is the beginning of many great things.


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