CSS3 Contributors

If you want to be part of the growth of CSS3, then simply share your creations with http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/current-work.  You can showcase the work that you create, while you take part in how it develops.  It’s one way you can help the program from the ground up, so to speak.  So if you want others to see what you have done already, and would like to critique the works of others, then that page is the place to be a part of. 

In addition, you can discuss the CSS program with other people who have an affinity for the program, such as yourself, and can even participate in groups to help others.  If you always wanted to help teach others about CSS3 also, you could showcase the drafts that you have created also.  In other words, it is a community that you can call home if you have a real love for CSS3.  You can participate to your heart’s desire and be a part of the beginnings of a burgeoning program.  If you have been waiting for such a chance to participate in something at its beginning stages, then you should look at what the page has to offer, and participate.

And don’t forget, if you want to see some tutorials in CSS3, visit http://cssatoms.com/.  All of the tutorials are written in a very easy to follow manner, and offer useful suggestions for those starting out.  The codes that are given as examples are all explained in detail, so that you understand the why’s and how’s of what you are creating.  Happy coding.


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