HTML5 Poised For Web Domination

In the early years of the internet HTML was the standard language that the pages displayed their wares or content through.  Now that the internet has been widely available for almost two decades, there have been a few innovations that have come and gone.  While HTML has undergone a few changes, its direct descendant HTML5 is setting screens, mobile, desktop and laptop, on fire.  There has been much content created through HTML5 that has been noteworthy of late, especially in the arena of gaming.  So, suffice it to say, HTML5 is here to stay, and couldn’t be more relevant to those who connect if it tried harder.

If versatility is a predictor of success and staying power, then HTML5 has all of the above going for it.  Both Apple and Google, two rival companies that meet every definition of the word rival, agree on the awesomeness of HTML5, and have already set aside research projects to better incorporate HTML5 into their offerings.  Gaming companies, such as Zynga and GetJar have turned to HTML5 for the games that they plan on showcasing to the public via mobile devices.  Even MicroSoft, which entered the mobile game a little late with its Windows smartphone, is investing on HTML5 through their HTML5Labs project.  So if you aren’t convinced by all of the big names, such as Apple, MicroSoft, Google, smartphones Zynga, GetJar or mobile browsers, then there is simply no convincing you of HTML5’s dominance at all.  Since quite simply, HTML5 has just about every avenue of eyeball screen time covered, and escaping the presence of HTML5 would be quite difficult, if not futile.  Just as well, because HTML5 is simply an awesome dynamic program that draws consumers in.  Happy exploring.


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