HTML5 And Gaming

The authorities are making their predictions of the year to come and HTML5 seems to be a recurring theme.  People who follow computer trends and the like obviously are betting on people depending on their mobile devices for entertainment.  However, how the entertainment makes it onto the mobile device, that’s where the HTML5 predictions come in.  Since HTML5 is very connected to the mobile device aspect of gaming or entertainment, for that matter, HTML5 definitely will be relevant in the very near future.  Will HTML5 catch up to the popularity that Flash has long enjoyed for many years?  We may not know at this moment, but at the rate that HTML5 has been traveling, that possibility is not unfounded.  Since gaming manufacturers have been actively looking at the HTML5 potential, that shines a lot of attention on what the new lanaguage can do.  And since bad news always garners more attention than good, it is a very good sign that HTML5 has not had much, if any negative attention.  So, if the future predicting were solely to depend on how much positive news that HTML5 receives from the various computer manufacturers and mobile device gaming developers, then HTML5 would be a good bet, so to speak.  However, we don’t know the outcome of what the future holds, but HTML5 is poising itself for existing in games that people enjoy playing.  That being said, HTML5 will definitely be a winner in the future, and all of us who enjoy our mobile devices and computers can only look forward to the future.


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