Another Game Developer Chooses HTML5

Moblying, a game developer, has decided to raise money for their future gaming endeavors.  One significant difference with this particular game developer though, is the means that they use.  Moblyng uses HTML5 as the avenue of choice for their games.  Some of the games that this developer has created are very familiar with users, such as Sorority Life and several racing games.  Through the use of HTML5, Moblyng is able to integrate their games through networking sites, such as Facebook.  Another benefit of HTML5 is the fact that it is fast becoming the way that mobile gamers must pass through.  Many of the games available for Android users are created through HTML5, so by that token alone, it is almost guaranteed big things.

If you simply love playing games on your mobile device, or through FaceBook, you have a programmer of HTML5 to thank.  So do yourself a favor, if you consider yourself an HTML5 tinkerer, why not just learn more about the language.  There are quite a few avenues that you could use to showcase your work.  The obvious route is the games that the developers have been creating.  Developers are always looking out for the next big thing, and if you believe that you have created just that, then get in contact with them, to show them for yourself.  While you wait for all of takers to find you, make sure that you visit  It doesn’t matter what level you are, you will be able to find something there.  Happy coding.


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