Apple Going On Board With HTML5

Apple is creating a new HTML5 tool that will be integrated with iAds.  Since HTML5 will be the avenue for iAds to stroll through, figuratively speaking, there will be no need for users to download Flash.  So for all of the consumers who are not able to view content on their mobile devices because Flash is not compatible with their particular device, those days will be numbered.  Apple has found a way around the Flash content, and is working with developers to show mobile consumers that they too, will be able to view their content.  Hopefully the days of seeing the message “incompatible with mobile device” will be over in the near future.

With all the news of HTML5 though, it seems that there may be a lot of promise to that language.  Even though it is pretty new, compared to other programs that is, it is getting a fair amount of publicity on its own.  With Apple iOS finding a way to integrate HTML5 into their content, the future is looking bright for HTML5.

If you have been wondering if you should learn this language, then think no more.  The fact that Apple is integrating HTML5 into their campaigns for mobile content should be proof enough that HTML5 is the next big thing.  When you do decide that HTML5 is the language for you, be sure to drop by  You will find tutorials for whatever level you think that you belong in.  From beginners to advanced coders, you will find materials to help you.  Happy coding.


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