Know Your Body Courtesy Of HTML5

If you ever wanted to look at bones, muscles or human organs without the smell of formaldehyde, then HTML5 has created a program that you may love.  Google has created a Google Body Browser, which primarily uses the capabilities that HTML5 offers, such as HTML canvas.  The capability has not officially launched yet on all browsers, but feel free to test it out if you are able at:  The features of the program though, will be very similar to Google Maps.

If you like the feature of zooming to your location while using Google Maps, then you already have a pretty good working knowledge of Google Body Browser.  You will have the location, in this case the human body, and from there, you will be able to zoom into the area that you wish to know more about.  For example, if you zoom onto an organ, you will be able to see associated blood vessels and bones that are located near the organ in question.  Another feature that you will have access to is the rotate the body part in question.  Unlike in a real physical situation, where you would have to find the necessary tools in order to cut out an organ, you simply click on the body part you wish to rotate.  You no longer have to wait until medical school in order to learn about the human body in all of its physical glory.  Now, because of HTML5, you can learn all you need about the body human, all without having to register for a class.  And because it isn’t flash, you don’t have to download anything.  It doesn’t get easier than that.  Have fun learning about the body human.


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