CSS3 Superior on iPad

The numbers are in for the iPad’s only competitor thus far.  So far, Samsung has announced that around one million units of the Samsung Galaxy Tabs have been sold since its release in November 2010.  Apple has said that they have sold around 7.2 million since the iPad’s release in April 2010.  So, based on the numbers alone, it seems that Samsung has released a viable product that people are willing to spend money on.  Seeing that the Galaxy Tab is a competitor of the iPad, the Tab runs on Google’s Android OS.  However, one main difference between the Tab and iPad is that Samsung has licensed their products with more mobile companies:  AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint.  The iPad can only run wireless plans through Verizon Wireless or AT&T only.

However, there have been critiques done by developers who create programs for both platforms, Android and Apple iOs.  Of yet, web app developer Sencha has noted that there are problems that both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Tab may not be an equal competitor with the iPad.  Based on the test results that Sencha ran, Modernizr HTML5 features were not totally complete for both of the tablet computers.  However, Galaxy Tab did not support as many features as the iPad did.  The Galaxy Tab was not able to support CSS3 3D transforms, SVG and Web Socket.  The one test that measured JavaScript thresholds, though, could not be labeled as a complete test because the SunSpider JavaScript benchmarks don’t test all of the processors in the respective tablets.  So the performance results are not a complete picture.  However, what can be proven is that Android OS are being accepted and people are buying them.


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