Chrome + Javascript = Fast

There are a number of browsers that are competing for the attention of computer users.  Between Safari by Apple, Internet Explorer by MicroSoft and Firefox by Mozilla, does Google even have a fighting chance?  Don’t rule Google’s Chrome browser out just yet.  Apparently, Google is testing the upcoming version that will be released shortly with a faster JavaScript engine.  So if it is true that the Javascript power that runs the browser can show results faster, then Google will be the browser that everyone aspires to emulate. 

The browser engine that will power Chrome is currently named Crankshaft.  Google programmers Kevin Millikin and Florian Schneider said in a company blog post that “Crankshaft uses adaptive compilation to improve both start-up time and peak performance. The idea is to heavily optimize code that is frequently executed and not waste time optimizing code that is not.”  While JavaScript plays a large part in the speed that Chrome will boast, there may be other factors that consumers eventually choose Chrome for. 

Apparently, Google has been also looking to develop a Web app store.  So not only will you have a fast browser that shows the results you looked for quickly, you would have the ability to find apps entertain you as well.  The idea actually sounds quite ambitious, but if there’s a company that could handle such a feat, Google might be able to pull it off.  Google may finally have the ingredients to be a top browser.  Time will tell if the download time gives Google the edge it needs.


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