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If you ever thought that you were alone in the world of javascript developers or programmers, then there is a community waiting especially for you. is a community that is poising itself specifically for javascript enthusiasts and learners.  There is a library of useful information waiting out there for javascript programmers who want to hone or perfect their skills.  If you ever wanted to share your work on the topic of javascript, or write a book on the topic, then you will have an audience through this community.  You will be able to get feedback from other members about your javascript related topics, and you will also be able to give feedback to the members who seek your feedback. 

Of course, like all communities, there are rules associated with the members.  However, the rules are based on common-sense and courtesy.  So as long as you are courteous to the other members, and don’t insult or insight them, you will be able to fit in well with everyone.  And also remember not to spam the other subscribers, nor insult the cultural or racial background of others, then the community will keep you as a subscriber. 

So if you want to connect with other javascript enthusiasts, or just meet others who enjoy the javascript language just as much as yourself, head over to that community.  However, don’t forget about your place for tutorials at  You’ll be able to find all of the codes that you have questions about there, and can download them to your machine.   Keep coding, and enjoy the company you meet.


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