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If you ever thought that javascript is not one of the most important programming languages and is not very useful, then think again.  There are quite a few javascript pages on the internet, and in fact, many of them are quite inspirational.  So if you ever needed to look to your computer in order to lift up your spirits, go visit some of the pages listed here.  You’ll be able to find many creative examples that use javascript and from there, you may even be inspired to create something for yourself.

Should you be bitten by the javascript bug, so to speak, there is a place that you can call home.  At you will find many opportunities for learning.  Whether you want to simply read up on the subject of javascript, in general, or simply want to hone your javascript programming skills, it’s all there for you.  All of the topics that pertain to javascript are all located there, and organized in a very user-friendly way.  You will be able to view all of the codes that are necessary for the effects that you plan on creating, and all of the why’s behind the codes are provided for you there also.  So you will be able to understand your coding more fully because you aren’t simply memorizing code, but understand it more thoroughly.  And if you would prefer to simply download the source files for reference, you have that option available as well.  You’ll be well served by the tutorials that are easy to read and follow, and your knowledge of javascript will definitely improve because of it.  Happy coding.


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