CSS3 2D For Internet Explorer 9

If you focus your programming skills on CSS3, then Internet Explorer has provided a venue for you to show your handiwork.  The latest release of Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview, which went live on October 29, 2010, adds additional support for CSS3 2D Transforms.

So far, Internet Explorer is the only browser that has provided the support for CSS3.  However, Mozilla Firefox has released plans of a new version of their browser for sometime in 2011.  The good thing about Internet 9 Explorer Platform Preview, though, is the fact that it has a wide following.  According to Microsoft, IE9 had been dowloaded more than 9 million times.  That bodes well for those programmers who create CSS3.  There will definitely be an audience for the work that you create. 

If you are ever hit with writer’s block, though, definitely go to CSSatoms.com.  Between tutorials for beginning programmers, advanced programmers and everyone in between, you will be creating eye-catching tables and navigation pages in no time flat.  The tutorials are very easy to follow, and the codes that you need to input are provided.  So you could learn at your own pace.  Each segment provides suggestions on how to apply the codes that you learned.  And all of the segments provide source files for you to download.  So, learn as much as you can about animation, transitions, gradients, and text shadows at cssatoms.com.  You will definitely be rewarded for all the time you spend there in the future, because you will be able to apply the CSS3 knowledge for your IE9 page.  Enjoy learning CSS3 coding.


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