Tis The Season

For those who need motivation for bettering their programming skills, then what better time than the Holiday Season?  There are several opportunities for programmers and developers who need a showcase in order to show off their skills.  By entering contests that demonstrate your expertise, you are creating more items for your portfolio, and who knows, you actually might win the prize that the contest advertises. 

For those who want to show the world all of their javascript expertise, there is a contest for that.  JS1k is having a javascript demo contest, specifically for the Christmas season.  In this case, the prize should not be the exclusive reason to join the contest, as the prize is a holiday card from the @js1k.  However, for those programmers who need to be motivated, this would be a match because it is providing an avenue for where to focus your javascript energy.  The contest deadline is Christmas Eve at Midnight, CET. 

SPIL Games has started an HTML5 contest to inspire programmers to create.  Since games played on a mobile device is a part of the present, and will continue to be in the future, SPIL Games will be giving away up to $7700 in prize money to the winners.  The mobile games that end up winning will be featured on SPIL Games’ mobile site.  So visitors will be able to download the HTML5 creation that you programmed.  Can there be a better way to motivate a burgeoning HTML5 programmer than offering a venue for others to play the game you created? 

So if contests are the avenue in which you get motivated, start programming.  Who knows, maybe you have what it takes to create the next popular game?  Happy programming.


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