CSS 3 Cheat Sheet

If you ever had any problems or doubts when you write CSS3 code, then the CSS3 universe has heard you, and created an answer for you.  Smashing Magazine has created a cheat sheet for CSS3.  All you have to do is download the PDF CSS3 cheat sheet, and print it, if you choose.  From there, you could follow the prompts to make sure you are coding everything correctly.  You no longer have to second guess your actions.  The CSS3 Cheat Sheet will show you in black and white what you should or should not have done. 

The CSS3 Cheat Sheet is divided into the specific action that you would like to achieve, so you don’t have to search for the command that you would like to verify.  For example, if you would like to create something related to “Font”, you simply look to the “Font” section of the CSS3 Cheat Sheet.  Everything is ordered perfectly, and you don’t have to spend any effort whatsoever in order to find what you are looking for. 

The CSS3 Cheat Sheet allows you to create your proverbial CSS3 magic to be on full display for whatever browser.  So whether you are creating for Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Voyager, or whichever browser you feel comfortable with, the CSS3 Cheat Sheet should serve you well.  Now all of the projects that you create will look as fabulous as you had envisioned them to be.  Thanks to the CSS3 Cheat Sheet, you can focus the memory space that you used in order to memorize specifications for other information, such as more programming languages.


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