Our Technology Filled Lives

November 17, 2010 is officially Geographic Information Systems day. There will be celebrations spanning 59 countries and 45 states in the United States.  However, the one question you may have now is:  What exactly does GIS celebrate? 

GIS Day is celebrated every year around the third Wednesday of November to encourage geographic literacy.  It is sponsored by the National Geographic Society.  Without even acknowledging it, people are interacting with GIS everyday.  Anytime you look at a map, you are utilizing GIS technology.  If you do research about earthquakes or population density just because you would like to learn more, or in relation to a job, then you are using GIS technology.  In other words, GIS is an integral part of just about everyone’s lives.  However, another integral part of  GIS is the coding that runs the programs.  Without the dynamic programs such as ASP.net, HTML5, AJAX and Javascript, to say the least, GIS would have fewer capabilities and wouldn’t have the impact that it has.  So when you celebrate GIS, you are celebrating the integration of technology that helps you live your life to the fullest.

Simple things such as finding the easiest route to a previously unknown destination and learning about plants native to a particular area would not be possible without GIS and all of the different programming codes working in tangent.  So show your appreciation by perusing the GIS sponsored events in your particular geographic region, and show off your geography skills.  You could learn more about geography, and incorporate what you learn by coding more GIS related items.  Happy GIS day.


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