Software discovers bugs earlier

Coding can be very rewarding, but at the same time, it could be very troublesome.  Take the possibility of glitches and bugs.  If a bug is discovered in a program at an inopportune time, the possibilities for hackers could be increased.  However, the researchers at National Institute of Standards and Technology  (NIST) have been on the job to make it easier for programmers to stay on track, and avoid bugs.  They have created a new tool that may be able to catch software bugs.  So during the testing phase, a company may be able to use the tool that the NIST has developed, detect, then fix the bugs all before everything is released.  That way everyone involved will not have to be punished with security compromises because, hopefully, the tool will have caught all of the possible bugs that aren’t beneficial.  Then the people responsible for the coding won’t spend too much time thinking of escape routes for possible breaches.  The tool, in its efficiency, will have already alerted the programmers about the possible problems, and everything will have happened according to plan.  The tutorial explains in painstaking detail all of the rational for the tool, along with the concepts and methods that go along with it.  The study also details statistics about testing processes, costs and other considerations.   This tool has been in development for a short while, with the first version released in 2008.  In short, the time that this tool can save programmers is invaluable because everything will move forward, instead of backward.  Saving time is always a good thing.


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